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Staffs' Voice

Staffs' Voice

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Project Department         Lili Shen

    A project manager has the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope, defined start and a defined finish.
    In DJI, what I felt most are youth and freedom. Directors from each department are young and full of inspiration. They are very interested in emerging technologies and do study, research and make them clear. 
    To applicants:
    If you want to make yourself best, please join us!
    If you are independent, please join us!
    If you dare to face up to challenges, please join us!
    If you are young, please join us!

Design Department         Jiaojiao Zhang

    It's my first job here after graduation in 2017.
    As a member of Design Department, my job is to simulate the robots, give designing advices on unreasonable layout, gun or jigs to make the whole process smoothly.
    When I newly joined DJI as an intern, I knew nothing about our work. But the managers arranged a systematic training for new staff to make us understand our work better. As the old saying, more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work.
    Besides, there are some trainings for other related fields or new softwares in free time so that we could be available for future challenges. 

Design Department         Qiang Qian

    I am a project and process manager of design department. The main task is to do overall design planning of projects and keep it on schedule.
    I‘ve learned a lot at DJI. In the beginning, I was very nervous and flurried while facing customers' drawing audit. But now owing to the full preparation from out team members, I can deal with it confidently.  I like our team, and I'm looking for more progress.

Automation Department    Xiaogang Zhong

    I‘m working with robots everyday. I would rather call it a manipulator than a robot since it helps human beings to do operations people cannot do. Comparing to manual operations, robots are more efficient and safer. We robot commissioning engineers, are not only technicians, but also their soul makers. We give the robots spirit to make them alive!
    Thanks to the diversity of my work here, I can handle my work very well now. I'm so proud of being a member of DJI! 
    Perseverance, excellence and truth will be my persuit of future career.

Manufacturing Department    Min'en Zhou

    I came to Shanghai and learned to be a jig assembly fitter in 2004. I've learned a lot from other experienced workmates. When a project is done, I would summarize the problems and learn to understand customers' perspect. 
    Nowadays, industrial robot is becoming more and more popular in automobile industry. It brings our company both oppotunities and challenges. Recently a new robot training station with several jigs has been established so  that we can approve our application skills. To follow the development of technology, we should keep learning and apply the knowledge to our job.